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Immunization Information

Official Documents:

Texas Minimum State Vaccine Requirements for Students
Requisitos estatales mínimos de vacunas para estudiantes de Texas
Recommended Immunization Schedule
Calendario de inmunización recomendado

Hepatitis Recommendations and Requirements
All counties are recommended for Hepatitis A immunization.

  • All students in pre-k and child care facilities are required to have Hepatitis A immunizations in all counties.
  • Students in kindergarten through third grade in the 40 counties highlighted in green are required to Hepatitis A immunizations
El Paso county requires Hepatitis A vaccine for school entry.
The following table is a brief reference guide for the administration of hepatitis A vaccine.

Route of Administration Intramuscular (IM)
Vaccine Schedule in Months 0 = first dose
6 - 12 months later = second dose

0 represents the initial dose; subsequent numbers represent months after the intitial dose
Dosage 0.5 mL (Pediatric Formulation)
Number of doses in series 2 (two)
Side Effects and Adverse Events Local Reactions: soreness and redness at injection site; headache; malaise. At this time, over 65 million doses of hepatitis A vaccine have been administered, and no serious adverse events have been reported.

Additional information on vaccine storage, route of administration, vaccination schedule, dosage, vaccine efficacy, side effects, and adverse events is available in the CDC document Prevention of Hepatitis A Through Active or Passive Immunization: Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).


Immunization Clinics:
For a complete listing of El Paso clinics, visit pro-action.us.
  • Escontrias Elementary School
    205 Buford
  • Montana Vista Community Center
    14664 Gregg
  • Montana Vista Kellogg Education Center
    14674 Gregg
  • Montwood Wellness Center
    11950 Bob Mitchell
  • O'Shea Kelleher Elementary
    1800 Leroy Bonse
  • Proaction
    222 S. Campbell
  • San Juan Clinic
    6292 Trowbridge
  • Socorro Kellogg Education Center
    313 Rio Vista #27
  • Tigua Health Center
    7862 San Jose Rd.
  • Ysleta Health Center
    110 Candelaria
  • Child Wellness Center
    12583 Darrington Road
  • Escontrias Elementary School
    205 Buford
  • La Clinica Guadalupana
    901 Ascencion Rd.
  • Centro Comunitario de Sparks
    12899 Sparks