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The TLE was born out of the idea that the Clint ISD has superb teachers that are doing exceptional work with students. Furthermore, teachers across the district have asked for professional development that targets their specific content area. To address these needs were putting together a conference for teachers by teachers. The secondary instructional team is spearheading the organization of the conference and asking teachers to present innovative strategies, activities, and lessons based on four strands: student engagement, technology, learning environment and differentiation. This conference will build teacher capacity at schools, develop leadership skills, provide teachers recognition by their peers and provide the framework for conversations about best practices in contents across the district.

This conference is scheduled for Monday, October 31st from 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. We are planning for a full conference which will include a keynote speaker, food trucks, and a photo booth.

It is our hope to see you and a plethora of other educators at the TLE, all with the same intent of improving our students’ quality of education so that they may go onto change the world’s quality of life.