Independent School District

Report Cards - Federal
- Research & Evaluation
  • Clint ISD - NCLB Report Cards 2011   (.PDF)
  • Clint ISD - NCLB Report Cards 2012   (.PDF)
      AYP performance indicators for the District and each campus
  • Federal Report Cards at TEA website   (Link)
  • Parent Letter 2011   (.PDF)
  • Parent Letter 2012   (.PDF)
      Letter to parents explaining the NCLB Report Cards
  • State NCLB Report Card 2011   (Link)
  • State NCLB Report Card 2012   (.PDF)
      NCLB report card (all parts) for the state of Texas
  • Texas NCLB Report Card website   (Link)
      Obtain 3 years of NCLB report cards

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